Kids West – Western Sydney Toy Drive & Fundraising Appeal 2015

Last year the goal for our Christmas Appeal wasn’t just about dropping off gifts to sick children or handing over dollars of support to disadvantaged families. It was also about making sure people had Christmas hams on their table, it was about ensuring that siblings of kids in hospital still also received gifts even when their parents were struggling financially; last year was about knowing we helped as many people as we could. And why should this year be any different?

We at Kids West passionately believe that together we can achieve great things in our local community – we ALL have the ability to help in some capacity. One small act could have an unfathomable impact on somebody in a time of need.

So this is the time where we step out of our comfort zone & we ASK for you to join us, we ask for your support. Wether it’s by picking up an extra toy when you’re ticking off your shopping list for our 2015 Lady Mayoress Christmas Gift Appeal or simply by clicking the button below to pledge dollars for us to distribute.



   We’ve got goals  

Last year we managed to raise over 540 gifts & $3500 in cash donations so of course this year we want to set the bar higher.  For 2015 we have a goal of 600 gifts because Trevor just cannot get enough of wrapping – he can give Santa’s elves a run for their money!!

   100 for $100  

This Xmas, so that we can directly support & impact both children in hospital & disadvantaged families in the biggest way possible, we’re asking for 100 people or businesses to join our community & pledge $100 to help us build to a target of $10,000.

We don’t ask for money lightly, we appreciate $100 is a lot of money to people & we wanted to find a way to give back to those who support us. If you’re a business who would like to pledge $100 or more, we will gladly sing your praises on our Facebook page & add you to Our Supporters page so that others know how you’re contributing to our community.

We thought in the spirit of community, a few individuals or  perhaps workplaces may like to team up to help fundraise.
Here’s a couple of fabulous ideas that would have you at $100 before you know it:

PicMonkey Collage

If you wish to contact me regarding donations or discuss how we can collaborate for the community please feel free to contact Trevor on 0419 992 826